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Landscaping Fabric & More in Edmonton

Sometimes the supplies we forget are the little things. From storage barrels and pails to edging stakes, don’t forget those small details. And don’t forget grass seed! Call us at 780-488-8655 if you have any questions on our miscellaneous landscaping products.

Fabric Pins$0.25 each
Grass Seed$9.99

4 x 100 Fabric (5 oz)


4 x 250 Fabric (5 oz)


6 x 250 Fabric (5 oz)


3 x 50 Fabric (5 oz)$29.99
3 x 100 Fabric (5 oz)$59.99

Aluminum EdgingPRICE
40Ft Coiled Edging with stakes $49.99
60Ft Coiled Edging no stakes$69.99
20Ft Coiled Edging no stakes

10" Nails$0.70
Edge Pro (8ft)$14.99
Edging with Stakes (20ft)$24.99
Stakes for Edging$1.50 each


2 x 4 Rack (Approx. 65 pieces)


4 x 4 Rack (Approx. 150 pieces


Firewood (Birch)PRICE
2 x 4 Rack (Approx. 65 pieces)$85.00
4 x 4 Rack (Approx. 150 pieces$160.00

** Prices subject to change without notice

** GST not included in above prices

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