High Quality Mulch in Edmonton

Bark and mulch have a number of benefits for your lawn. Besides protecting your soil’s moisture, a layer of bark or mulch can be great protection from weeds and plant diseases. It also insulates the soil throughout the year.

2x4 Rack$85.00
4x4 Rack$160.00

Price on request

Please call for more information

Medium Bark Nuggets$9.50$89.00
Acreage Mulch$8.00$45.00

Black Mulch

Cedar Mulch$8.00$60.00
Premium Fir and Hemlock Mulch$9.00$75.00

* 1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. at 2" deep

* We are not responsible for any damage beyond the curbline

* Dumping under power lines is prohibited

* Dump trucks require a minimum of 12 feet

21" x 36" Mulch bags
*These bags are for pick up only

** Prices subject to change without notice

** GST not included in above prices

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