From sod to ground stakes to grass seed, we can help your property look its best!

Wholesale Sod In Edmonton

Family owned and operated

For 15 years, Quality Landscaping Supplies Inc. has provided the property owners of Edmonton and the surrounding areas with only the best materials for their landscaping projects. A locally owned and operated family business, Quality Landscaping Supplies has built strong relationships with our customers and contractors. From sod to ground stakes to grass seed, we can help your property look its best! In the off-season, we provide much-needed snow removal for Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Sod – The Instant Lawn that Saves Water
The main advantage of investing in a natural sod lawn is evident as you look over a lush, green yard as soon as the last section is laid. Your instant lawn doesn’t need weeks to flourish or protection from birds and like fresh seed does. A product that comes directly from nature, our supply of wholesale sod available to Edmonton area homeowners and contractors already has grass established in turf and will root into your soil within a month and as little as two weeks. With such a healthy start, a sodded lawn immediately keeps your soil from eroding and blowing around as dust.

Sod’s next most important environmental benefit is that it uses less water to establish, while seeded areas need frequent watering for germination and growth. Not only will you save money and water, but you’ll cut down your maintenance time too. Taking care of a newly sodded lawn requires a few basic elements, including:

  • A watering schedule that decreases in frequency within a month 
  • Fertilize with an organic fertilizer within 2 weeks after installation
  • Fertilize once a month after that
  • Mow for the first time 2 weeks after installation, cutting no more than ½ inch
  • For regular mowing, keep your grass at least 2 inches high

Need help with choosing a fertilizer or concerned about signs of disease on your new lawn? Our staff welcomes your questions and can help you choose the proper products for keeping sod thriving and green. Also contact us about our wholesale sod delivery in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Going green

We want to help your yard and property go green. Because so many of our customers have been requesting it, we now take orders for artificial turf and rubber mulch to assist you in your water conservation efforts. Our 81 ounce artificial turf comes in width sizes of 13.5 feet or 6.5 feet and is priced at $4.00 per square foot. Go green while saving on maintenance and watering costs. That’s good for the environment and your wallet!

Convenient deliveries and free estimates

Come in for a free estimate on supplies you may need for your product. Take a look at our product lists to inspire you and your project. We now carry aluminum edging to help you lay brick pathways and make beautifully edged gardens. With supplies available by the bag or truck load, you have the option to pick up the supplies yourself or take advantage of our convenient delivery service. Call us today!

Local sponsorships

We are proud to sponsor local events, competitions and contests, such as Cultivate Front and Back Yards 2017.

We are again sponsoring the contest for the second year in a row.


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Take advantage of our very own topsoil screener.

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